Paintings part 4

Posted in Paintings on November 3, 2007 by chbloch

jim02.jpg “Jim” Acrylic on Wood Pannel 78cmx30

I often think I see him between the sun and me.

I like the idea that I made his portrait on wood… kind of an icon.

klaussmall.jpg “Klaus” Acrylic on Wood, 55cmx75

Blood spotted 80s New York Figure.

city.jpg “City” Acrylic on Canva 130cmx80

Their Father led the to the city. Now, it’s up to them.


Paintings Part 3

Posted in Paintings on November 2, 2007 by chbloch

empiresize.jpg “Empire” Acrylic on Canva 30cmx30

Even New Yorkers have dawn.

resize-of-marquisesdefinitif.jpg “Marquises” Acrylic on Canva 55cmx45

Arrival or Departure.

The last one for that man who loved those islands…

resize-of-achab.jpg “Ahab” Acrylic and Ink Marker on Wood 52cmx70

Two kinds of people. Those who see the child, thosse who don’t.

Even Ahab was a Child.

Paintings Part 2

Posted in Paintings on October 31, 2007 by chbloch

bridgesized.jpg “Bridge” Acrylic on Canva 120cm x 60

Just thought it was the time to paint a bridge. No matter what’s above, under, behind… walk forward.

icon.jpg “ICON” Acrylic on Canva 116cm x 82

Fake spoiled icons . Rock Star, Gods, Priest, Guru, whatever.

Betrayed Treater.

Trut sinks.

feriasize.jpg “FERIA” Acrylic on Canva 120cm x 60

Blood on his face, his shirt was torn appart. Yet, he danced every nightin that Feria.

CF: The Sun Also Rises.


Posted in Paintings on October 29, 2007 by chbloch

Dexedrine “DEXEDRINE” Acrylic on Wood Pannel 78cmx30

The mirror in the bathroom.

The very window of one’s loneliness.

They say.

CARRETERA“Carretera” Acrylic on Wood Pannel 115cmx100

Carretera means Road in Spanish.

Memories from sun burned Andalusia’s mountain roads.

“OIL”“Oil” Acrylic on Canva 130cmx90

I’ve always been fascinated by those greats devices that we could see along the road.

I guess the window of my father’s car helped me seeing them as monstruous giants instead of what they’ve always been really…




“Passed on New York”“Passed On New York” Acrylic on Canva 116cmx80

Klaus and a friend walking on some SoHo rooftop…

Passed on figures who passed on a passed on City…

“8:49″ December 2006“8:49” Acrylic on Canva 116cx89

An uncanny diners on the top of a manhattan building…

It’s been 4 minutes since the…

The only place where it never happened doesn’t exist.

comming_homesized.jpg “Coming Home” Acrylic on Canva 46cmx38

An old man coming home…

From work? From exile?

From anywhere he wasn’t home.

resize-of-hair87.jpg “Hair ’87” Acrylic on Canva 35 x 45cm

My Mother said they saw them downtown… “but you can’t always trust you mother”

Anyway I saw them too… were they Andy and Jean Michel… I really can’t say.

resize-of-ekhad.jpg “Ekhad” Acrylic on 4 pannels 78cmx30

Ekhad means One, Unity…

Because we keep our unity only if each one of us is free.